The 3rd meeting focused on quality criteria, priority map & website

3rd meeting

The third meeting took place online on the 15th of March 2020, dedicated to discuss the progresses made related to the quality criteria, priority map and the website.

All partners attended the meeting and have contributed very positively to the discussion and previous work done.

The meeting started with the general updates and progresses of the project namely with dedicated time to project administration, dissemination, and issues related with quality management.

The project website was presented to all partners who have provided an initial very positive feedback and discuss the possibility of developing a platform for eventual events in virtual format.

Partners were introduced to the proposed risk management strategy having had the opportunity to provide feedback and discuss aspects that were less clear. This proposal will be further developed and shared with partners for validation in the near future.

3rd meeting

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the Thematic Seminar planned for September 2021 and more specifically on the quality criteria for the mapping of successful practices. Following a lengthy conversation regarding these criteria, all partners agreed on the following general ones: TRANSFERABILITY; FLEXIBILITY; RESULTS; IMPACT; ECOSYSTEMIC APPROACH; INNOVATION; ENABLING FACTORS; ADDED VALUE and CHALLENGES.

Further work will be carried out by partners regarding the definition of each criteria scope and reach.

These criteria will be further developed by partners who have agreed on the process by which this will be done.

The next project meeting is planned to happen in April.

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