Proposal of entrepreneurial ideas in Lyon

Successful education and development can only be achieved through the dissemination of experiences. This is particularly important in vocational training. Dissemination of experiences includes experiences in developing skills and competences through projects, international competitions, and the dissemination of methodologies applied.

The relationships we built with our partners and collaborators allowed us to join the VET in 3D thematic seminar in Lyon (France), where we shared cooperative entrepreneurship practices as well as best practice in existing entrepreneurial learning experiences on “Innovative Development of Practical and Entrepreneurship Skills”.

Our Center focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurship training is integrated into vocational training programmes and by organising real activities of the training company according to the Junior Achievement programme. This is the opportunity to learn how to move a business idea from concept to reality. The programme provides teachers with a series of learning-by-doing business, economics and entrepreneurship activities, a great way to help students succeed in a global economy. Students get a better overview of career opportunities, what skills are needed to succeed, and they start to consider entrepreneurship as a potential career opportunity. This is repeated every year and new students are introduced to get acquainted with real business, the peculiarities of a real joint-stock company.

The activities of the new company are related to the real product, its production, sales, and real profit. These are experiences in financial literacy, marketing, production, and personnel management. The activities of the new company Pinokis performing at school are related to vocational practical training in the Wood Processing department. This is a great opportunity for students to turn their business ideas into reality.

The best practice existing in entrepreneurship education in VET is achieved through an innovative mix of practical vocational skills and entrepreneurial skills. This makes the training attractive, provides confidence and a can-do attitude. It is the development of practical professional, entrepreneurial skills, the opportunity for self-expression, real and full recognition.

Consequential activities, discussions, meetings, various seminars, presentations of good practices over 3 days enriched the competences of the representatives of our school community and will undoubtedly contribute to improving the quality of education in the centre.

Dovilė Rudokaitė

Gentrūda Česnovienė

Aida Deivikė

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