The main part of the project, the thematic seminars, aim to allowing project’s partners test and integrate at one-stop-shop conference.

During VET IN 3D project, three joint staff training events, would be organised. Each seminar will focus on exchanging practices, on the three dimensions of excellence in VET, applied in a given sector, in order to provide VET schools with specific examples that can be given as training courses related to that particular industry.

This will help to raise awareness, on how those three dimensions of excellence, in VET, can be used, across sectors, to improve the quality of VET.



This document summarise the work that has been done throughout two years from the partnership in order to create a new format of thematic seminars in the field of Vocational Education and Training for promoting the capacity building and the exchange of knowledge among managerial and teaching staff of European VET providers . 


This is the product of a research and analysis of successfu  initiatives in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) that has been carried out in the framework of VETin3D project from November 2020 till October 2022.Cases have been selected with in and beyond the partnership on the basis of aset of criteria, focusing on actual or potential high  impact with regard to the dimensions of TEL, Social Inclusion and Entrepreneurial Learning.