Meet our Partners

The partnership consists of 8 partners among VET Colleges and Mobility Institutions in addition to EfVET, which represents the European umbrella organisation, from 8 European countries (Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain).

Kauno Technikos Profesinio Mokymo Centras, Lithuania

Kauno Technikos Profesinio Mokymo Centras was established in 2016 after the merging of two vocational schools (Kaunas builders’ training centre and Public institution Kaunas mechanical school). The centre consists of 6 departments and offers lower-secondary education in gymnasium classes of technological trend, upper secondary and postsecondary non-tertiary education to 1,500 students led by 127 teachers. There are also in-service training and retraining courses for adults. Students’ outcomes and achievements are assessed using ECVET. The Centre staff has extended experience in various EU projects and is VET Charter Holder.

EfVET – European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Belgium

EfVET is a pan-European umbrella professional association, established in 1991, with the main purpose of building a network of practitioners VET institutions, to secure a voice across Europe in both European policymaking and practice arenas. EfVET main aim is to influence policies and decisions regarding VET systems in Europe; to promote networking opportunities among Members facilitating their access to relevant information, resources, and tools; to act as a key dissemination partner in different projects and initiatives. EfVET represents currently 225 associations in 34 countries with a reach of approximately 200,000 VET professionals and 2.000,000 learners.

Cometa Formazione, Italy

Cometa Formazione manages the Oliver Twist school, a VET centre pursuing the specific aim to educate students, mainly at risk of dropout or with special learning needs. Since 2018, Cometa is the Italian Centre of Excellence of the UNESCO-UNEVOC international network, promoting good practices and advocacy on SDGs and innovation in VET. Approximately 430 students and 80 staff members are enrolled in the Oliver Twist School. Cometa works in close collaboration with local ecosystem of public authorities (Regione Lombardia); more than 700 companies in hospitality, textile and wood sectors; research centres (including the network of European researchers in VET, VETNET). Cometa has also developed an applied research Centre (Cometa Research).

UNISER Soc. Coop. Onlus, Italy

UNISER is a social co-operative established in 1998 in Bologna, having more than 20 years of experience in the field of learning mobility during which it has developed many good practices concerning the learning experiences of VET students. UNISER is at the forefront of innovation in learning mobility, it has launched practices such as the virtual mentoring, online pre-departure preparation support, a platform for the selection and profiling of participants, management of communication flows etc. Today, UNISER works with more than 200 schools in Europe and 16 mobility consortia to offer mobility. In 2016 UNISER was awarded the VET Charter by the Italian National Agency, based on the quality of the projects completed and an ambitious internationalisation strategy.

ENSINUS Estudos Técnicos e Profissionais – INETE, Portugal

ENSINUS ETP is the holding that created INETE in 1989. INETE is a vocational school for young people undergoing initial training as well as continuous training of professionals. The school is located in Lisbon, and since the beginning has trained more than 3,000 highly qualified technicians. There are 20 collaborators and 74 teachers teaching to 659 students in 9 different courses. The school has a very close relationship with the labour market and internationalization is a very important strategic goal. It is also known for its innovative pedagogical approach and was chosen to exhibit its projects in the conference for the development of digital competences (InCode2030).

MDOE – Magyar Digitális Oktatásért Egyesület, Hungary

The Association for Hungarian Digital Education (AHDE) is the leading professional association and knowledge-network of and for the most innovative STEAM teachers, pedagogy experts, and schools. The Association is dedicated to the use of digital and mobile technologies and innovative pedagogy based on gamification, collaborative, active and inquiry learning, especially in STEAM education. AHDE represents 1,140 teachers from 417 Hungarian public and/or VET schools – as individual members; 58 researchers of digital education – as experts; 71 public and VET schools., Greece is an IT, Training and Consulting company, established in Patras (Greece) since 2012 with the main aim of the provision of digital transformation of business and organisations due to technological changes that rapidly take effect in our society. It has implemented 16 European Projects, hundreds of National Projects and has more than 200 clients in the field of consultancy and IT. The company co-operates with national organisations and authorities from public and private sector and has a well-established network with partners from all over Europe, with which has already cooperated in European projects and through working groups in several European forums and organisations. Additionally, it is a member of EfVET since 2012.

SEPR – Société d’Enseignement Professionnel du Rhone, France

SEPR is an inter-professional training organization with a long tradition of VET (creation in 1864). More than 4.000 learners are trained each year in a wide diversity of training fields covering 110 curricula. SEPR offers training paths from EQF 3 to EQF 6, in apprenticeship, full-time training and continuous education. With quite an intense and very rich experience in the area of international learning and mobility, SEPR has developed areas of expertise in this field but also in social inclusion and citizenship, and supports education to sustainable development and entrepreneurship thanks to its incubator. In addition, SEPR has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and the Erasmus+ accreditation for VET (2021-2027), and the “Good Practice” label from the Erasmus+ French National Agency (2019).

Centro San Viator, Spain

Centro San Viator was founded in 1953 in Spain and offers training from EQF 3 to EQF 5 to meet the needs of more than 1,000 students working with a staff of about 100 professionals. The centre offers courses for unemployed people, in order to respond to the high percentage of unemployment that currently exists in this region, and classrooms with about 60 young students aged 16-20 with slight-medium mental disability, in addition it promotes training courses for active workers. The centre is accredited with Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter.