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VET in 3D

VET in 3D is an Erasmus+ project, which started in November 2020 and it is foreseen to be completed in October 2022. The project VET in 3D stems from the Thematic Teams initiative launched in 2018 by EfVET, which has seen groups of VET organisations working together to aggregate expertise in specific fields and promote innovation and opportunities among VET operators. The project seeks to create more opportunities for VET organisations to exchange practices and discuss about innovation on a regular basis; to improve the competences of the VET staff on innovative teaching methodologies and raise awareness on 3 Dimensions of VET considered as primary drivers of excellence: entrepreneurship education; social inclusion; technology enabled learning (TEL), with the final aim to innovate VET provision in Europe through an intense capacity building action addressed to VET teachers.

Exchanging for innovating VET

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Stay tuned with the development of our VETin3D project and find out about our news and updates.

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Social Inclusion

The Thematic Team focused on Social Inclusion aims at exploring ways to promote social inclusion – combating poverty and discrimination – by improving employability and active citizenship.


Rethinking VET for the XXI century, as emerged in several analyses, requires a stronger focus on entrepreneurial learning to match the skills required by job market. This innovation in VET approaches implies two dimensions:
· Pedagogical (teachers, tutors, researchers): how didactics and teachers’ role can fulfil this aim;
· Organizational (managers, policy-makers): how school environment and structures can foster entrepreneurial mindset of internal community.
The Thematic Team Entrepreneurial Learning will focus on (1) knowledge development and sharing of existing or new practices of entrepreneurial learning; (2) advocacy to promote entrepreneurship in VET at policy, institutional and didactic levels.

Technology Enhanced Learning

The Thematic Team focused on Technology Enhanced Learning aims at promoting innovative teaching and learning strategies, enhancing the educational experiences supported by Artificial Intelligence and digital environments. Educators, leaders, parents and students are all key players of a transformative process which combines both top-down as well as a bottom-up approaches.

1 Stop Shop Conference

Partners joined  together in VET in 3D projects to create concrete opportunities for fostering innovation in VET and spreading it around to  VET practitioners of all Europe.  A new format of transnational conference will be designed and tested twice along the project lifetime of two years. It will be designed for exchanging good practices and boosting the work of thematic teams in specific aspects that have been considered as drivers of innovation and as primary importance for VET.

This will be also an occasion to develop awareness on different VET systems and further develop participant organisation networks

2 Seminars

The two pilot conferences not only  will be dedicated to Social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Technology Enhanced Learning topics but they also put particular attention to some specific VET fields such as Tourism and Green Economy.

Good Practices Exchange

Starting from the identification of concrete priorities in each thematic area (social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Technology Enhanced Learning)  partners will collect good practices which constitute the starting point to discuss and design strategies  for easing  their transferability and boosting innovation during the transnational conferences.

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Stay tuned with the development of our VETin3D project and find out about our news and updates.

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