The VET IN 3D catalogues of best practices

Following the three-day event from last 3rd to 5th of May 2022 with a presentation of the best practices collected by the VET IN 3D partnership – internal or external to it – we are designing a document which constitutes the first and second VET IN 3D catalogue of best practices.

The catalogue is a very structured document where some basic information can be found, such as the organisation and country where the good practice has been implemented and the main theme/area of intervention.

This can be about Inclusive Vocational Excellence, Entrepreneurial Learning and Technology Enabled Learning. In addition, main objectives, target groups addressed, main activities necessary for its realisation, and results achieved will be described in it.

Finally, the last part will be focused on the Quality Criteria previously defined for the mapping of the best practices, namely INNOVATION, TRANSFERABILITY, and IMPACT.

The catalogue will be available on the project website soon.

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