Futuropia: we are building the Future

Organisation and country where the good practice has been implemented: BMSZC Petrik Lajos Vocational School

Title: Futuropia: we are building the Future

Main Theme/Area of intervention: Entrepreneurship

Main objectives: 21st century skills development

Target groups addressed: All the products of the project were made public, plus experts from external organizations were invited to join us during the week in the form of video conferences.

Main activities necessary for its realisation: Students create their own smart cities by using smart solutions for a sustainable community, with regards to sustainability and accessibility. Each citiy has a different focus e.g. mining or oil, the cities are created in Sim City in a private region dedicated to the project where the 5 participating communities have to do business and help each other. The project was made 100% online during the school closures of the 3rd wave of the pandemic in Hungary.

Results achieved: Nr of teachers: 10, nr of students: 60, nr of companies/organizations involved: 6, the project won the vocational school category in the national competition of the Digital Thematic Week.

Innovation: Any project involving vocational students can be defined as innovative: in our project we tried our best to combine practical and theoretical subjects to make students use their skills in practice, using a variety of methods. We have managed to break down the barriers of the traditional lessons, changing the whole week into a thematic week and by making both students and teachers thin outside their boxes. The gamification concept appeared not only in the evaluation of the project but also in its realization by using SIm City.

Transferability: Either the whole project or its parts can be implemented at any secondary school level by using the different ICT tools we also used. What is important to emphasise is that these are only tools for managing and facilitating teaching and learning.

Impact: National

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