HiperSuli ( Hiper school )

Organisation and country where the good practice has been implemented: UMSZKI

Title: HiperSuli ( Hiper school )

Main Theme/Area of intervention: Technology Enhanced Learning

Main objectives: Its aim is to enrich the participating teachers with practical knowledge of digital teaching methodologies, in addition to the conceptualisation.

Target groups addressed: Members of our school staff volunteered to participate in the training programme. Some of the participants wanted to learn the basics of digital education as beginners, while others wanted to develop their skills through practical training.

Main activities necessary for its realisation: 

The training lasts 30 hours and it provided teachers with knowledge, methodological guidance.The HiperSuli accredited training builds on the digital education experience accumulated since 2015 and in 6 years, the initial 5 schools have grown to over 30, and the number of teachers using digital methodologies now exceeds 200 and support in the following areas:

Differentiated questioning with digital tools

Collaborative editing, methods for working together

Digital classroom solutions

Interactive presentations

Using and selecting applications

Results achieved: There were 30 Hungarian and 10 foreign participants in our school .

Innovation: Applications are not taught. No recipes are given to the participants. Participants are invited to think and work. The training gives participants methods. How can they differentiate accountability? What is needed to enable students to work collaboratively? What is the difference between applications and web solutions? Which should be used? What if not all students have a tool in front of them?

Transferability: The HiperSuli digital education programme has already gathered a huge body of knowledge on the subject, with more videos and a knowledge quiz called KnowledgeNet. Also videos are available for parents and children aim to show the basics of safer, more aware internet use. To keep the whole family up to date, there are videos, and an offer for families to increase their awareness and increase their online budget with 31 free 1GB per day.

Impact: National

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