Thematic Teams

EfVET Thematic Teams (TT) were established in 2018 with the main purpose of:

  • Become a “think tank”, opinion leader, a point of reference for VET in a specific field
  • Aggregate members’ expertise in a specific field
  • Promote innovation and business opportunities among members
  • There is huge expertise among our members on specific and different sectors. This expertise, beyond the business’ exploitation, may offer a priceless channel of communication, not only among EfVET and its members, but also among the European Commission, other Stakeholders and organisations outside EfVET.
  • The communication between sectoral experts may support sectoral networking, exchanges of high-level experiences and practices and valuable upgrade on the sectoral content itself. This high-level knowledge will promote VET in European level and abroad regarding its image, consistency and efficacy.

The establishment of these different working groups have allowed EfVET to:

  • Open up a communication (sectoral) channel between EfVET and its members
  • Attract new members, via the added value (sectoral content + sectoral networking)
  • Promote EfVET image, size, consistency, efficacy

What do the Thematic Teams do?

  • Workshops: meeting twice a year, 1 at the margins of EfVET conference; plan and implement workshops and round tables at the annual conference;
  • Policy feeds: contribute as and if necessary, to policy reflections and statements within own field/domain; providing inputs for surveys, papers, researches;
  • Innovation: identifying and sharing successful practices on the specific areas by stimulation interaction and cooperation among EfVET Members and key stakeholders active in the specific field of the Thematic Team.